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Peru: the ultimate Birding experience Why is Peru the birdiest country in the world? Peru ties Colombia with over 1800 species of birds, more than 85% of which are permanent residents. Peru is second only to Brazil in the number of endemic birds and second only to Indonesia in the number of bird species with restricted geographical ranges. Several rainforest lodges in Peru offer superb birding, each with a list of over 550 species! In 1982 a team of birders in Manu in southeastern Peru established the current world record "big day" when they recorded 331 species while only walking and paddling canoes.


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Plan your trip to peru with our travel tipsExploring Peru is an exciting adventure, but getting here doesn't have to be. Below there is a travel guide with information designed to make your arrival, stay and departure from Peru easier. Here you'll find information about your visit, from visas and travel agents, to vacation tours, entertainment and much more.Take a moment to read this section and begin planning your Peru trip. From the land of the Incas, we welcome you!


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